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Claire Shih

Digital Media Specialist

Claire is an enthusiastic and dedicated digital marketer who sees marketing as the perfect blend of art and science. As a digital media specialist, she excels in combining creativity and data to create effective marketing strategies. Her favorite moments are those “aha” moments when a new idea or approach clicks into place. With a master’s degree in Marketing Research from Purdue University, Claire is excited to bring her expertise to the team at UMW.

In her free time, Claire enjoys reading, traveling, and pursuing her hobbies. She is also a certified barista and passionate about all things coffee. If you have any recommendations for great coffee places, she would love to hear them!


Shih Chien University
Bachelor of Science, English Taught Program in International Business

Purdue University Daniels School of Business
Master of Science, Marketing/Market Research

Industry Experience
  • Tech
  • eCommerce

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