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Liz Palm

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Liz Palm

VP, Marketing Strategy
Liz is a marketing leader with more than two decades of experience guiding B2B Tech companies and SMBs – both through an agency and in-house – to elevate their brands, drive leads, generate content that converts, and promote wins. She is particularly interested in cutting-edge innovation like Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, automaton and enterprise SaaS solutions that streamline and optimize operations for supply chain, manufacturing, nonprofit, and CPG organizations.
Beyond the marketing team, Liz advocates for collaboration with sales, product and customer success to illuminate lead flow from capture to close (and beyond), ensuring a true and complete vision of the entire buyers’ journey, their needs and what motivates them.
It is through a strategic, collaborative and analytical approach that Liz uncovers opportunities for her clients to leverage full-funnel marketing initiatives from market awareness and thought leadership to lead generation and sales enablement, to uplevel their reputations, establish themselves as industry experts, build demand and drive growth. 
Penn State University
B.A. Advertising & Public Relations

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