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3 Easy Ways Social Media Is Worth Your Time

Learn these simple tactics to make social media worth it.

SOCIAL MEDIACONTENT CALENDAR TEMPLATEEven though social media is mostly free, it still takes time to build up an online presence. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make it worth your while.

1. Drive Traffic to Your Site

Social media is useful to make people aware of your brand. You can post updates about your company or product, share information about the industry, and offer helpful tips and tricks on how to solve specific problems. You can even share the occasional humorous meme to connect with your followers.

To benefit financially from your social media following, you should direct people to your site, at least occasionally. You can do this by hosting giveaways, encouraging downloads of free information, and setting up free consultations. Having lots of social media followers is great, but you won’t see an increase in sales until you drive more traffic to your site.

2. Stay Current

Social media is all about living in the moment. News spreads like wildfire, and almost everything that is popular on social media today belongs to current news and events. That means you need to keep your social media accounts current as well. You can publish new articles, share news that are relevant to your industry, and respond to your customers in real-time.

You can achieve real results with social media marketing, but you have to put in the time every day and use the right social media tools. You can still schedule your posts to run at predetermined times, but your content needs to stay fresh. Of course, you can share an older article occasionally, especially if it’s still relevant.

3. Connect Social Media With Your Overall Marketing Efforts

Social media is only one small part of your marketing efforts. In fact, when you think about the sales funnel, social media is along the top of the funnel. Many of your followers will also visit your website, and some of them will sign up for a newsletter or download information. These people can then be contacted via email or phone, and that is your potential customer base.

Having active social media accounts won’t magically increase your business, but with the right marketing strategy, they can be a vital part of your success.

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