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3 Marketing Strategies used by the Kardashians

Let’s Take a Look at Breaking the Internet Like a Kardashian

The term “Breaking the Internet” was coined shortly after America’s First Family rose to power, and no… I am not talking about the Trumps. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, Rob, and mother hen Kris have transformed the way the world fetishizes pop culture. In reality, the actual act of breaking the internet was “a thing” way before the Kardashians; so what is the difference with this family and how can you, as a company, harness the social presence of the Kardashians sans the “Belfie” (Butt Selfie)? Get your selfie light ready because your company is about to glow up with these three Kardashian marketing strategies.

1. Flip the Script

Have you ever gotten a bad online review and felt like it was the end of the world? Do not beat yourself up about it, we all have been there even the Kardashians. Remember Kendall’s Pepsi commercial, Kylie’s 3rd lip injection session, Rob’s (love) life, or even Kim’s tape? I am sure you nor your company have done any acts that extreme but possibly have felt the criticism of 1,000 men, similar to that of what a celebrity may feel. Finding the silver lining in the criticism is what separates the Kardashians from every other scandalous family in Hollywood.

As a company, you too must take ownership of any issues or mistakes made and then in turn address those problems in a way that benefits both you and your clients or customers. This may be in the form of an official company response to said review, a gift card to the disgruntled critic, or a well-constructed video highlighting the great things that your company has to offer.

2. Be Relatable

There is a reason why millions of people tune into Keeping Up With The Kardashians each week and stalk each sister’s Instagram. The reason, whether you believe it or not, is because in a perfect world the Kardashian sisters, and Rob, are how we see ourselves if we had millions in disposable cash flow from merely doing everyday activities. It is impressive how relatable millionaires can be when they are seen as ugly crying over losing an earring in the ocean or getting broken up with via text message. As a business, you must have the overarching theme of trust and approachability. This can be reflected easily on your social media platforms in the form of getting to know me, the company posts, or having company, client mixers quarterly.

3. Be Consistent

This last strategy may seem like common sense, but I still need to put it out there… consistency is key! Your followers, clients, or customers will not know what to expect from you without you first establishing a pattern of production. Whether it may be blog posts, company specials, or what day of the week your company is closed; you must be consistent! You may find it strange that every week it seems like one if not all of the Kardashians are in the limelight, this is no coincidence. This type of publicity is by design and meant to keep the family, as a whole, relevant. As a business, your top goal should be to maintain your relevancy in your field.

When it is all said and done, marketing like a Kardashian can benefit small and big businesses alike. Keep your cool when the paparazzi catch you slipping, always keep it real and keep it real all the time; these three things will enable you to take your company to the next level! If you have read up to this point, you could very well be the 7th Kardashian sibling when it comes to marketing yourself or your company. However, the knowledge that has been imparted upon you from this blog begins with a call to action and the extraordinary task of breaking the Internet; so, break responsibly!

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