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3 SEO Tips that Take Less than 20 Minutes

Top SEO tricks that will only take you 20 minutes but will make a world of difference in your digital strategy.

You probably already know that proper search engine optimization (SEO) is absolutely critical to your digital marketing program and for driving the right traffic to your website. While planning for all the known and probable ranking factors could be an endless task, increasing traffic to your website through SEO doesn’t need to take hours and hours. The following quick tasks can provide insights for lasting improvement to the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

1. Find Your Most-Linked Pages

Pages that receive more external links — and traffic — are major contributors to boosting your rank. Knowing which pages these are on your website can help your SEO efforts in a few ways. First, you can optimize these popular pages for conversions by converting them into landing pages. Second, you can create additional web pages on a similar topic or with a similar type of content that you already know to be effective in drawing an audience. You can find your most-linked pages through tools like Moz’s MozRank or Majestic.

2. Scope Your Google Listing

A Google Listing is an important element of search engine optimization strategy for all businesses. The Google Listing for your business, is what appears to potential customers when they search for your brand — or when they search for the kind of service or products that you offer. Ensuring that your listing information is complete and up-to-date not only makes for a better listing for your business on Google, but also gives your customers the information they need to contact you and even make a purchase. You can get started with claiming and optimizing your listing at the Google My Business dashboard.

3. Conduct a Website SEO Audit

This is a task you should be doing regularly to ensure that your site and your SEO strategy is performing as expected. It can also help you identify new opportunities to grow your search engine efforts, as well as areas that are in need of improvement. An SEO audit doesn’t have to take a long time; by using available tools like SEMrush and SEOptimer, just a few minutes can provide you with actionable insights on your site’s SEO performance, including factors such as page speed, mobile device and browser compatibility, title tag and meta description optimization, and much more.

The above three tasks each take less than twenty minutes to complete, but will make a world of difference in your overall SEO strategy and your search engine ranking. By finding your most-linked pages, checking out your Google listing, and conducting an SEO audit, you can quickly boost your search engine optimization strategy and results.

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