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A/E/C Marketing Strategies and What to Know

Successful A/E/C Marketing Requires Specialized Knowledge for a Specialized Industry

The best marketing strategies are those that are pliable, molding themselves to the specific needs and wants of a company relative to its unique disposition, industry and core competencies. Nowhere is this notion more evident than in A/E/C marketing, which helps the architectural, engineering and construction industries convey a brand and message in a business with its own specialized marketplace and client base.

Personifying the “square peg in a round hole” adage, A/E/C marketing requires a specific knowledge and skill set to properly deliver targeted messages, particularly in a segmented B2B context. By leveraging this specific knowledge, A/E/C firms can efficiently and effectively communicate those messages that further strengthen existing relationships while developing new ones. In other words, by adhering to a few strategic guidelines that aren’t necessarily commonplace or applicable in other industries, A/E/C firms can market themselves to cement their story, brand and message to a specialized customer base and find competitive advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.

Content Is King

Just like the industries themselves, A/E/C marketing is a dynamic, evolving endeavor. Concepts and techniques that might have been a solid footing for a marketing campaign a decade or two ago don’t necessarily have the same impact or effectiveness as they do today. For that reason, A/E/C marketing needs to be just as agile as the industries it serves, acting and reacting to the changing needs and demands of the B2B base.

That said, content marketing that is specific to the A/E/C space provides the scope, range and impact needed to appeal to an audience and, more importantly, engage them. If a message doesn’t ultimately lead to higher conversion rates, then it is wasted time, money and effort, no matter how sincere or meticulous that message might have been.

With the proliferation of various forms of digital assets, ranging from online video to job-site pictures and everything in between, leveraging these forms of assets in A/E/C marketing is crucial in conveying a message in the most appealing manner. A/E/C marketing, in particular, can utilize digital assets in the form of educational content to display a tone of expertise and professionalism in the specialized field. Such efforts are pivotal in creating an impactful online persona for an A/E/C firm.

Social Media Presence

Although social media is pervasive in the marketing efforts of all industries, it can play a particularly significant role in A/E/C due to the importance and reliance on brand reputation within the highly technical industry. Given the pervasiveness of social media, using its numerous channels to build and maintain the desired brand presence and portrayal can prove to be very beneficial in fostering the levels of engagement desired for both present and future prospecting.

Of course, using social media to distribute the previously mentioned array of digital assets is an especially efficient way of conveying a targeted, well-planned message. A successful A/E/C marketing strategy uses the particular strengths of the different variations of social media to maximize the effectiveness of the message, broadening the firm’s appeal and creating a presence conducive to developing the referrals and brand recognition that’s required for any firm to thrive within.

Firms in A/E/C belong to a specialized industry that requires specialized marketing strategies. With long sales cycles and immense price tags, A/E/C is a particular segment of commerce that breeds by referral, reputation and brand recognition. By integrating content that speaks to the right B2B client base in the most appealing manner, A/E/C firms can leverage the power of social media and other marketing tactics to strengthen their respective holds within a competitive industry that demands extreme levels of expertise and ability.

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