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Working from Home: 8 Secrets to Stay Productive – A Personal Perspective

An Effect of the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, more people are working from home than ever before. For our team at Uncommon Marketing Works, this isn’t uncharted territory. We’ve been a remote working company since our beginning. 

So we’re here to help you make your days productive, as this might be an unfamiliar situation for you and your work life. For me, it took a bit of time to get used to this lifestyle; but now that I’ve experienced what helps me be productive, I couldn’t imagine a better work situation (and, neither can my dogs).

Pro Tips for Remote Work

To help navigate this work setup and be productive, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Make a dedicated workspace. This is important. Whether you have a home office set up or it’s the dining room table, creating a space that is specifically for work and not at-home leisure helps to prevent the boundaries of work and life from blending together. This can definitely help increase your productivity and focus on your work tasks.
  2. Get ready each morning. Make a morning routine that is similar to what you do when actually going into the office on a normal day for work. Wake up early, get dressed (even though the attire could be sweatpants for the day), and make your morning cup of coffee. Or like the Audible commercial take a commute in your car before returning home.
  3. Take advantage of virtual meetings. Sometimes, people feel lonely when they begin their work-from-home experience. But online meetings, like Facetime, Slack, or UberConference, allow you to interact with a coworker like you would in the office. Use this time to help get you through the day when you have less interaction than normal (which many people consider a benefit, with fewer “water cooler” conversations to distract them throughout the day).
  4. Make task lists. The first thing I do at my desk in the mornings is write out (on pen and paper like my old-school self loves to do) what I need to get done today, based on priority. It helps me stick to a plan and make sure I’m focused on the right things throughout the day and not getting distracted.
  5. Stick to a regular schedule. Another way of making your remote workday seem like the days you have at the office is to stick to your normal schedule. This means you start and end work at the same time and take your lunch break when you normally do.
  6. Set boundaries with others who are home. If you are home with your significant other, make sure they know that you have to focus during your work hours. It can be very tempting to spend time relaxing at home together, but your work should take priority during your normal office hours. If you have kids at home with you, help them when they need it but also try to find time where they’re occupied and you can sit down to work. This may include taking turns with your significant other or reaching out to others who may be able to lend a hand in watching your children.
  7. Communicate, communicate, communicate. It’s certainly not as easy to get an answer to a quick question when your cubicle neighbor isn’t there to help you out right beside you. It’s essential that your team members are constantly sharing updates on projects and asking questions throughout the day via virtual communication so that everyone is on the same page despite the distance. Never be afraid to ask questions; all of your coworkers are in the same boat as you. Slack is an easy chat option to incorporate into your operations (and Free).
  8. Take advantage of the perks. The best part: You’re home! Enjoy working in the comfort of your own home and indulge in its perks. Work outside if it’s nice out and enjoy the sun and fresh air, put your laundry in or do the dishes during lunch, spend extra time with your pets, and trade the dress shoes for slippers.

Working from home can provide a great lifestyle, as well as a very productive environment for your work. So despite the circumstances, do your best to make the most of it and adjust to the changes and flexibility that it brings.

Want a FREE printable checklist to keep yourself on-task throughout your remote work days? Download today.

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