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How to Create Impactful Video Content for Your Social Channel

Picture this: You’re feverishly scrolling through Instagram, engulfed in the world of social media. Suddenly, among the flood of photos, you find yourself watching a video. This video has an allure to it that you can’t describe. Is it the design? The graphics? Is it what the person is saying? When the video ends, you are compelled to learn more. Maybe you click on the profile. Maybe you run straight to Google where you search the company that posted it. Or maybe you even jump out of your seat to tell everyone around you that you have just come across the best video you’ve ever seen…okay, yes—that one’s a little dramatic.

This is video content that makes an impact. In marketing, we want a video that will stand out above the rest and encourage the person viewing it to do three things: feel the desire to learn more, want to contact us or feel like they absolutely need the product or service that’s shown in the video. 

The Importance of Video Content in Marketing

We know that video content makes an impact, but what we want to know specifically is the kind of impact it makes and why it’s so important to post on all social channels. 

Here are some statistics on video content on social media according to AdWeek:

  • Video content is predicted to increase to 1 million videos uploaded to the internet per second in 2022. This is equal to 82% of all internet traffic.
  • 78% of people have reported that they watch videos on social channels weekly, and 55% say they watch videos via the Internet daily. 
  • People viewing videos online say that they retain 95% of the message that the video is sharing.
  • 92% say they share videos with others. 
  • 72% of people that watch videos online say that they prefer watching videos that sell a product or service as opposed to reading an article or something else. 
  • Emails are 7% more likely to be opened if the subject line contains the word “video.”

Top Tips for Creating Video Content

  1. Start with the end. When planning your video, identify the goals for the video. These should include what kind of impact you want your video to have. For example, set a goal for how many impressions, likes, and click-throughs you want your social media post to have.
  2. Map out your video. What exactly is the message that you want to communicate? Figure out the tone that you want to use. Is your video informative, persuasive, or entertaining? Will you tell a story through your video? Making an outline for your video can be very helpful when actually going to create it.
  3. Quality of the video. There are many ways to make a video. There can be a person talking, a video with sound such as music, or a video with no sound. If there’s a person presenting in the video, make sure that it is high quality. This means that the person can be heard, seen, and understood. The quality of graphics or animation should also be top-notch, as they can reflect your company’s persona.
  4. Video length. Wondering how long the video should be? Luckily, Vimeo has provided a list of how long a video should be for each platform.
  5. Marketing Topic. Make sure your video’s topic is relevant and makes sense to your audience and brand story.
  6. Monitor the video. Track the video to make sure it’s performing well. For this, look at any comments made on the post. Monitor the impressions/views, likes, and click-throughs. Compare this with industry standards as well as the goals you set in the beginning, mentioned in the first step of this guide.

Check out this guide here for four additional great content components, and take a look at our visual content marketing guide.

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