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Inbound Recruiting: The Greatest Trend in Recruitment

Recruiting the perfect candidate is tough. Writing the perfect job description, advertising said opening, and hoping the perfect applicants see it is not the best way to recruit new employees any more. In fact, 70% of job seekers begin their search on Google. A marketing strategy that wows applicants, much like the marketing towards customers, is the way to go.

The focus is on creating value and consistent content that catches the desired audience’s attention. In inbound recruiting that audience is potential employees.

Recruiting teams put together strategies to attract and interact with candidates. The use of written content, podcasts, and social media are avenues for recruiters to reach out to applicants. Each piece of content earns the active job seeker’s attention. It creates an employee centered environment filled with positive engagement by current staff.

Being transparent about hiring processes, customer and employee treatment, and daily business processes gains the trust of job seekers. Companies that are not forthcoming appear to job seekers as shady and dishonest.

The benefits of inbound marketing are cyclic. The recruitment team creates valuable content to attract candidates. Employees give positive engagement, and job seekers fill out applications. From there, the process continues on interviews and hiring. After the cycle is complete, it begins again. Here is how the inbound marketing cycle works:

  1. Active job seekers seek out vibrant and valuable content. A good example would be a blog post about how to improve a specific skill.
  2. Candidates exchange contact information for downloadable content. It’s a trade. They fill out an application, and you provide valuable content.
  3. The interview is the next step in the process.
  4. Hire the exceptional candidates that pass the interviews.
  5. Happy employees lead to high employee engagement. High engagement brings more referrals
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