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Let’s get Visual! Marketing Visual Content through Social Media

Learn how you can use visual content to market on Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram

By Reg Haywood, Account Manager

I am sure that you know the old saying, “ A picture is worth 1000 words”… Let’s upgrade that statement to fit into the context of the 21st century and say that today, a picture is worth 1000 seconds. You may be thinking, well what does that mean? I am glad you asked… How often do you sit at your computer for hours on end reading literature about companies?

If your answer was more than “sometimes” then congratulations you inhabit a dying ecosystem. We, as the human race find ourselves amerced in the dominating dawn of cell phones, Youtube, and instant everything! This lack of time and attention adopted by your target audience translates to how your business should reach and captivate them. The answer is simple, visualize it and they will come; in other words, produce content that gets your message out in half of the time with a quarter of the verbiage… And here is how you do it


Pinterest is a great platform to utilize as a lead generator for your business. This literal online bulletin board is a place to share, curate, and discover images that frequently become DIY projects or grandiose aspirations. Your goal on this site is to build consumer trust by generating quality content that can provide your followers with helpful tips, blogs, and video tutorials geared toward their everyday lives. When you are developing your website or outreach mediums, do not forget the “Pin it” button that allows your visitors to pin your content onto their own Pinterest boards. What is a board without a pin? Be that virtual board your audience wants to pin!


People were so tired of reading content online that a “just pictures” app was introduced to the web-mosphere in 2010. Instagram took off rapidly due to the overwhelming need for instant and easy media, also known as, brainless scrolling. On this app, you or your company can take, share, and edit pictures. In 2013 Instagram broadened its features to include video clips and completely changed the game! As a company, having an Instagram account to market is basically a no-brainer because of the ability to reach a wide audience through pictures, videos, and #hashtags. In other words, Do It For the Gram!


How can this vanishing picture app possibly benefit your company? How about a monthly audience of 30 million people, your own company geo filters, or user-adaptable visual content? This app works well because of the “in the moment” concept it markets to its users. After 24 hours your content is gone, which means that as a company you must constantly think of ways to connect with your audience in a personal way that builds trust and peaks interest.

This practice can be easier said than done; it takes a creative mind, a few moments throughout your day, and marketable content that will help your users while simultaneously entertaining them. If you are struggling to figure out the features of Snapchat, perhaps try asking your 13-year-old niece, nephew, or annoying kid neighbor for assistance. Snapchat has reported that its biggest adopters are between the ages of 13-23, which makes this a great tool to reach a younger audience. Add some snaps to your chat if you want to enhance the way you market visual content!

In today’s world of social media marketing, it is impossible to avoid the use of visual content. If your company is not using pictures, infographics, videos, or other visual mediums, then you are at a disadvantage and are losing potential business. I encourage you to dive into the pool of social media that reaches a wider audience through the use of visual content and user-friendly marketing. You won’t regret it!

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