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5 Secret Ways to Optimize Facebook Marketing

Hidden Tips for Organic and Paid Facebook Posting

Building your brand on Facebook can seem like a never-ending maze, full of twists and turns and hidden secrets about how to get the most out of the platform. With numerous tools, Facebook certainly can be a worthwhile place for your brand to live and communicate with users. 

Facebook, even in 2020, is still the most popular social media platform, with 74% of members using the site on a daily basis. This equates to 1.62 billion users on Facebook each day.

With all of this traffic, there is a lot of exposure to gain for your brand, but there also comes a hefty amount of competition that you’ll need to stand out from. That’s where Facebook’s hidden tips and tricks come in handy.

5 Secret Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

Are you doing any of the following to help your brand gain traction on this social media platform? Of course, these are a bit off the unbeaten path. It’s important to remember to always test different audience segments, ad types, and post creative; but here are a few hidden features that you may not know about.

1. Invite post or ad likers to like your page. If you click on the number of people who have engaged with an organic or paid post, the list of names will pop up with a status next to each one that either says “Invite,” “Invited,” or “Liked.” For the ones that the button is available to press “Invite,” this will allow you to send an invitation to the user directly to like your company’s business page. This is an effective way to not spend a dime in an effort to increase your page likes with people who may not have done so, but are somewhat familiar with your brand. This can be done manually, or with one of many free browser extensions that will do it automatically.

2. Analyze your audience with Audience Insights. If you’re utilizing a custom audience build with your Facebook ads, you can look deeper into the demographic information of who your ads are being served to based on interests or behaviors. These details can be helpful in reforming your messaging and selling strategy overall. Start with your Audience Insights dashboard.

Facebook Audience Insights

Image source: Hootsuite

3. Use carousel posts for organic and paid Facebook posts. Carousel ads allow up to 10 images to be shown to targeted users with information about your brand or offer, at full size as they slide through the frame. These have become largely successful in both the organic and the paid Facebook world, driving 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion rates and 20-30% lower cost-per-clicks than link ads with just a single image. These not only appeal to users visually and offer small forms of interaction, but they provide more real estate for you to tell your story.

Facebook Carousel Post

Image source:

4. Test ad placements. When you’re setting up a Facebook ad, you have the option to use the platform’s standard ad placements versus assigning manual placements. The bottom line is, you know your brand, product or service, and audience much better than Facebook does. Take this opportunity to test out your creative on different placements. You should be able to figure out what types of messaging and creative works better for your audience on mobile devices versus a desktop, on Instagram versus Facebook, and on stories or in timelines, etc. Putting in a tiny bit of extra work during setup can go a long way toward insight that can impact future conversions.

5. Sync your Facebook and email marketing efforts. With many email marketing platforms, you can sync your lists into your Facebook advertising accounts to retarget these users on a supplemental basis. In addition, you can often post organically on your Facebook page in accordance with an email sent through several email marketing platforms. This allows you to enhance your all-around strategy to be consistent with your audience.

If you’re ready to revamp your Facebook marketing efforts, our team can help you utilize all of the tools available to get the most out of your organic efforts and advertising dollars. Contact us today!

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