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Building Your Visual Identity: Do’s and Don’ts

When you meet someone new, you can easily get an impression of that person within the first 30 seconds. The same goes for your brand’s visual identity. Whether it’s scrolling through Facebook and seeing one of your ads or driving by your storefront and seeing your logo, your visual identity is either going to attract or deter potential customers. Making sure you are sending the right message to potential customers is only going to help build a more reputable and consistent brand.

What Exactly Is Visual Identity?

In simple terms, visual identity is what gives your brand human values. It is going to help you not only stand out from your competitors but also create a brand that is instantly recognizable in its own unique way. Your brand’s identity can consist of multiple elements, such as:

  • Logo
    • A good logo is one that is unique, memorable and represents your core values.
  • Colors
    • Research shows that the proper use of color increases brand recognition by 80%.
  • Typography
    • Typography is where you get to showcase the personality of your brand.
  • Photography
    • The right imagery can make your brand feel more relatable and personal to the consumer.

These elements, along with many other factors can help in making sure your brand creates a lasting and positive first impression. Creating a unique visual identity is going to be vital to the success of your company. Check out these 6 do’s and don’ts when creating your visual identity!

DO: Identify Your Target Market

One of the most important aspects of creating your visual identity is being sure you are targeting the correct market from the get-go! Your brand isn’t going to be for everyone, and that’s okay. Instead of focusing on trying to attract customers from EVERY avenue, try focusing on identifying and targeting only people who share your brand’s interests. By doing so, you will gain long-lasting relationships with customers who believe in your brand!

DON’T: Copy From Other Brands

Never risk ruining your brand’s reputation by copying content or design elements from a competitor. Yes, you may think, “If it’s working for them, why not us?” But you have to understand that what works for one brand won’t work for yours. Your brand is unique to you. Stealing or “borrowing” ideas will not only hurt your brand image, it will also leave a bad impression on your customers. Not only is copying going to leave a bad impression on your audience, you could also end up in a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

DO: Define Core Values

Defining your company’s core values will allow you to build stronger relationships with customers, as they will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the foundation of your company. Your core values will help you stand out and give you a competitive advantage among other similar brands. The values of your company will help in framing your brand’s story for your target audience. These will be the foundation of your visual identity and help set the tone for the rest of your brand’s visual elements.

DON’T: Miss Out On Trends

Is every trend going to benefit your brand? No. But is it still important to stay on top of the latest trends? Yes. Staying up-to-date with what is currently trending can help your brand reach more people, especially when using #hashtags. Your brand is more likely to be found/seen when you are participating in a trend that thousands of others are also participating in. Although you want to stay on top of the latest trends, you also want to be sure you are only participating in the trends that are going to be successful for your company. Before jumping on the bandwagon, make sure you are looking at the bigger picture.

DO: Be Consistent

Being consistent throughout your brand’s visual identity will not only make your company more recognizable but will also gain trust among consumers. Focus on maintaining consistent branding throughout your social channels, website, store-front, advertisements, and packaging. Consumers will start to feel like they know and understand your business on a personal level. For example: when you go to the grocery store, don’t you typically buy well-known brands? That’s because you feel comfortable and trust that brand due to seeing consistency over the years.

DON’T: Rebrand Too Often

Rebranding can be very beneficial to your visual identity, but be careful to not rebrand too often. Try to avoid jumping between different designs and styles when first releasing a new brand. It takes time for a brand to reach its target audience and begin creating recognition. Changing brands too often can give the impression that your company is indecisive and unreliable. Before thinking of any drastic changes to your brand, try giving it a solid year of consistency to not only give your audience an opportunity to discover your brand but to also learn what does and doesn’t work.

How Can UMW Help Build Your Visual Identity?

Uncommon Marketing Works (UMW) is here to help build your visual identity, so you can stand out from the crowd! We will do the heavy lifting on researching, strategizing, and executing the perfect branding plan customized to your specific needs. Below are a few ways UMW can help your brand shine:

  • Brand Discovery & Persona Development: We’ll take care of the tedious research and discovery process to help you define everything from personality to long-term direction.
  • Scope Out The Competition: We’ll conduct a top-level analysis of your competitors to see what strategies they’re using – and how you can beat them!
  • Finding Your Voice: We will work with you to ensure your brand voice matches the image you’re cultivating for your company.
  • Logo Design & Style Guides: We will help you with the visual aspects of your business identity, which includes color selection, typography, symbols, icons, and more.
  • Website Design & Development: We’ll craft your site in a way that creates a powerful impression on visitors, makes your brand values crystal clear – and looks fantastic!

Contact us today to schedule your free 30-minute strategy call to dive into your visual identity.

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