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Virtually join us for a live cooking class with an Italian chef,
for a truly authentic and unique epicurean experience.

Join me and fellow cyber professionals for an invite-only virtual Italian cooking class.

During this live interactive online cooking class, Chef Davide will join you virtually from just outside of Rome, Italy to teach you how to master two of the most iconic Italian recipes, including silky ribbons of handmade fettuccine with tomato sauce and panna cotta! 

Chef Davide will teach you how to prepare each recipe completely from scratch, offering professional tips, tricks, workarounds and Nonna’s time-honored trade secrets along the way.

Humor and creativity into your not-so boring strategies.

For a laugh-out-loud cybersecurity marketing strategy, think “Hack the Hackers” campaigns with your software as the superhero in comic-style battles.

Go viral with meme marketing, making light of password panic and security scares.

Entertain with “Cybersecurity Horoscopes” predicting tech troubles for the unwary, and run “Worst Passwords” awards to poke fun at cybersecurity no-nos.

It’s all about mixing serious security with a spoonful of humor to make the message memorable!

Creating a catchy and humorous marketing strategy for cybersecurity companies involves blending traditional marketing tactics with a twist of creativity and wit.

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