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Fractional CMO services

Enlist a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer to supercharge your business growth with expert strategies for attracting new customers, driving revenue, and expanding your market share. Your Outsourced CMO will sit right alongside your executive team, collaborating with the CEO and board of directors to make game-changing decisions that move your business forward.

It's difficult to do great marketing. That's why we're here.

Put your company’s marketing success in the capable hands of our Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Staci Cretu, M.S. Whether you’re soaring to new heights or struggling to gain traction, Staci will be your trusted guide, ensuring flawless execution of your marketing, advertising, and analytics.

By outsourcing the Chief Marketing Officer role, you’ll gain access to Staci’s expertise without the expense of a full-time hire. Moreover, it’s a smart move for any growing company seeking to elevate their traditional and digital marketing game.

With Staci at the helm, your marketing team will benefit from a more systematic and strategic approach, ultimately leading to measurable success.

What is an outsourced CMO?
Why hire an outsourced CMO?
How does an outsourced CMO help?

What is an outsourced CMO?

An outsourced CMO is a chief marketing officer who works with a company on a contractual basis for 10 to 40 hours a month. Outsourcing provides organizations with the financial advantage of obtaining top-level talent to guide and support their marketing, without the cost of having a full-time CMO.

An outsourced CMO is a crucial member of the company's executive team who is responsible for assisting the CEO and board of directors in achieving their objectives. They must have extensive knowledge of all aspects of advertising, including branding, lead generation, and various social media channels. They should also be capable of handling paid media campaigns, such as Facebook and Google Ads, as well as print ads, radio, and TV commercials. Their versatility and expertise make them an essential asset to any organization looking to improve their marketing efforts.

Why hire an outsourced CMO?

If your company is rapidly expanding, you may need the services of an Outsourced CMO to oversee marketing initiatives. Hiring an Outsourced CMO can help you understand your company's position, potential for growth, and focus your marketing and sales efforts. A full-time CMO may be necessary if your management team requires a CMO to work 40 hours per week. However, if you want the services of a marketing strategist and leader without requiring them to work full-time, an Outsourced CMO is a good option. Companies with annual revenues from $1 million to $50 million often benefit from hiring an Outsourced CMO to deploy a comprehensive go-to market strategy.

How does an outsourced CMO help?

To achieve ambitious business goals, it's important to have the right team in place. An Outsourced CMO can provide strategic marketing leadership by understanding your company's assets, including customer lists and marketing materials. They can also bring in and manage the right people to achieve goals. While in-house marketing is generally preferred in the long term, there are situations where outside suppliers or agencies can be helpful. An Outsourced CMO can take full responsibility and accountability for the marketing department's outcomes, making them a valuable asset to your business.

How does this CMO support my marketing?

An Outsourced CMO provides strategic leadership to complement your existing marketing team. This allows your team to focus on achieving long-term outcomes rather than wondering what to do each day. The Outsourced CMO also provides support and guidance to the organization, freeing up the CEO or others to focus on other areas. The goal is to grow the marketing team's capabilities and capacity, and to make recommendations or even fire underperforming team members to achieve business outcomes.

Rev up your marketing game with fractional CMO services.

Marketing & growth strategy

First, evaluate the client’s existing marketing framework, devise a comprehensive marketing plan, and then assemble, guide, and oversee the necessary resources for executing the strategy.

Branding & messaging

Provide strategic leadership for marketing and creative direction to ensure that marketing deliverables align with the organization’s image and critical market positioning.

Marketing campaign development & budgeting

Assess current campaigns to ensure that appropriate measures are implemented, and suggest enhancements to marketing spending, channels, and mix.

Managing marketing
staff & output

Assist in evaluating the current staff’s capabilities and provide training if necessary. Additionally, aid in the hiring process for both staff and vendors.

KPI development
& oversight

A Fractional CMO is a marketing strategist at the c-suite level who aids companies in achieving their objectives and KPIs.

Marketing tech
& infrastructure
Evaluate the existing marketing and sales systems and implement new sales, marketing, lead management, advertising, PR, automation, and other systems.

The Fractional CMO process

As a means of helping customers create a dependable marketing machine, hiring a Fractional CMO provides assistance in five critical areas. 

1. Marketing audit
2. Identifying opportunities
3. Marketing planning

Hiring a Fractional CMO can assist companies in planning their marketing budget, and efficiently utilizing their resources. The fractional CMO considers the company's goals, competitors, and target market while developing a marketing budget. Additionally, they help determine the most effective channels to reach the target market and optimize the budget to achieve desired results. The fractional CMO also offers guidance on tracking and measuring the success of marketing campaigns. As a result, companies partnering with a fractional CMO can experience increased clarity and confidence in their marketing budget decisions.

Following the initial assessment, the fractional CMO will evaluate the existing opportunities and create a marketing roadmap. The fractional CMO will identify areas for quick wins that can help the company scale in the short-term. Additionally, they will map out the existing marketing inventory and ongoing projects, underutilized marketing collateral, and develop buyer personas to support demand generation and growth activities. Furthermore, the fractional CMO will discover any latent skill sets the company already has on their team. This comprehensive approach will aid the company in making informed marketing decisions and achieving its objectives.

The fractional CMO will assist the company in devising a suitable marketing plan and budget, by determining the necessary expenditure required to achieve their objectives. The fractional CMO will help the company forecast the appropriate marketing budget, strategic details, and timing of the required sales projections. This approach will aid in developing an informed marketing plan and assist the company in achieving its marketing objectives.

A fractional CMO can aid companies in developing their marketing budget through various methods. Firstly, they can assess the current marketing spend and provide recommendations for optimization. The fractional CMO can also assist in developing a marketing budget that aligns with the company's business goals. Moreover, the fractional CMO can offer valuable insights into allocating marketing resources effectively across different channels. By collaborating with a fractional CMO, companies can develop a more strategic and efficient approach to their marketing spend, resulting in better outcomes.

The fractional CMO offers a high-level of oversight for an organization's marketing management and execution. Collaborating with the CEO and other executives, the fractional CMO works to create and implement marketing strategies that align with the company's business objectives. Moreover, the CMO assumes responsibility for managing the marketing budget, developing and executing marketing plans, and overseeing all marketing activities of the organization. Engaging a fractional CMO provides organizations with the opportunity to partner with a seasoned marketing executive who can offer valuable guidance and support in developing and executing successful marketing strategies.

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