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HubSpot Implementation & Onboarding

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HubSpot Sales & Marketing Strategy Built For You

Prior to diving into the specifics of developing your HubSpot strategy, it’s critical to grasp the larger picture of how you can ensure you’re getting the most out of the tool. 

Having HubSpot does not automatically make you a brilliant inbound marketer, salesperson, customer care representative, or any other type of professional. HubSpot is not a strategy in and of itself. It is a tool that assists you in putting your strategies into action. So, how do you make sure you’re getting the most out of HubSpot while also staying within your budget?

The first step to implementing Hubspot is strategy-building. If you can apply this perspective to your usage of HubSpot, you’ll find that you’ll be able to use the tools much more successfully and that you’ll really be able to use them to move the needle for your organization as a result.

When assisting organizations in developing their HubSpot-related plans, there are important components to ensure are at the core of the strategy, regardless of the industry, size, or client base of the organization.

HubSpot Data Strategy
HubSpot Lead Management
HubSpot Automation Strategy

HubSpot Data Strategy

HubSpot users who aren't tech-savvy may be apprehensive about concepts like data structure and organization, but if you take a step back and look at what we use HubSpot for, data is its foundation.

Using HubSpot, we're collecting a lot of data, from website visitors and contact information on the marketing side, to prospect and deal data on the sales side, to customer and support ticket data on the service side.

Many HubSpot users don't know that it's up to them to manage and wrangle all of the data that they're collecting in order to build relevant reports and fully analyze what they're doing in the various products.

Here is where your data strategy enters the picture.

Document what data you're presently collecting and how it's being gathered, as well as what data you'd want to be collecting.

You may use it to organize your business connections, firms, discounts, and tickets (depending on the Hubs you're using).

HubSpot Lead Management

HubSpot forms, API integrations, and manual generation or import of contacts are all part of your lead gathering process.

For bottom-of-the-funnel form submissions, you'll need to change your contact property with your dropdown choices, and then go to any HubSpot form you're using that property on and make sure it's updated with the new field options.

You'll also need to select whether you want to make that field obligatory when adding contacts manually and modify it in your options.

Think about what data you need to acquire on leads and structure it the same way you did for your prior efforts when putting out a new campaign in HubSpot. '

The HubSpot CRM is built on contacts, so how you collect leads sets the stage for everything else you do (automation, lead prioritization, lead routing, etc.). In the absence of this, your HubSpot plan would be doomed to fail from the start.

HubSpot Automation Strategy

It's important to have a solid data and lead collection strategy in place in HubSpot so that we can simply automate manual procedures at the contact, business, and deal levels.

A single lead's journey from the moment they land on your site to their eventual purchase should be mapped out after you've got your data and lead collection tactics nailed down.

As you move through the stages of a lead's lifecycle in HubSpot, take note of what has to be done and what may be automated.

As one of HubSpot's most useful and efficient time-saving capabilities, automation is a must-have for any plan that doesn't include it.

Adding this section to your HubSpot data sundae is like the icing on the cake.

Reporting & Analysis

One of the benefits of HubSpot is that it allows you to monitor and quantify your performance. HubSpot assists you in deciphering all of the data and identifying new marketing possibilities. We track your statistics using HubSpot's Growth Suite and other technologies on a frequent basis and offer you monthly reports that show you what's working and what needs to be improved.

Website Conversion Optimization

The user interface of your website has a significant impact on the visitor's experience. You'll lose a lot of prospective customers if your website and landing pages aren't optimized for conversions. To increase conversion rates, we optimize your website, calls to action, and landing pages, as well as perform A/B testing on multiple page versions.

HubSpot Support
Hubspot Support

Get Help Managing HubSpot

The HubSpot platform can assist you with the implementation of an inbound marketing plan but getting results requires time and resources. For blogs, emails, ebooks, and social media, you must continually provide interesting and thought-provoking material targeted toward your target market and buyer personas. To optimize your website for search engines and conversions, you’ll need to keep it updated. You should also keep a careful eye on the results to see which techniques are working and which ones need to be tweaked.

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Uncommon Marketing Works is a HubSpot Partner that can assist you with all aspects of your inbound marketing strategy. We’ve helped manage campaigns in a range of industries and can help you get the most out of your inbound marketing budget.


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