What I learned in the B2B marketing industry

How I’ve thrived as a B2B marketer for small and medium-size business categories

1. Don’t be afraid to push the creative envelope. Whether you are selling industrial equipment or technical services, you need to get creative to stand out from the crowd. Here’s your challenge, pick up your favorite trade magazine, how many advertisers focus solely on their product from pictures to ad copy? Did any catch your eye? Most likely, probably not depending on your industry.

2. Invest in your value proposition. In the B2B marketing world, your value proposition is what will keep you ahead of your competitors. Focusing your marketing and sales strategy around your value proposition provides focus and a clear message to your customers.

3. Personalization is the way to your prospects or customers heart. This is a practice that can be pulled from the B2C playbook. In the day of mass personalization, everything needs to be personalized. Do you read emails that are clearly blanket, mass emails? Highly doubtful!

4. Nurture your relationships. Typically, B2B organizations have long sales cycles. It’s the sales person’s job to find new business and close deals. However, this can be overwhelming to keep up with all the follow-up for one person. Using marketing software, a shift has changed to the marketing department to help nurture the pipeline to close deals. Creating a marketing and sales strategy to nurture your pipeline during each stage of the sales process will set your company apart.

5. Your marketing strategy should align with your sales strategy. This is something that not many B2B companies have mastered. Your marketing strategy should always support your overall sales strategy. Both teams should understand the responsibility of one another and how each can utilize one another. This is as simple as creating a catalog of marketing material and informing the sales team as soon as a new piece comes out. Communication is vital here to ensure marketing and sales are aligned, creating a highly functional team to closers.