Full-Funnel Marketing - How To Do It

Understanding the differences between Top, Middle and Bottom of Funnel Marketing

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Full-funnel marketing is one of the best ways to market because it allows you to automate so much of the process. With digital marketing in place, you can make sure to nurture leads as they come in, funneling them closer and closer to the sale.


The top of the funnel is where you are going to have your widest audience. In order to establish this, you need various marketing campaigns in place that drive people to a landing page. A Facebook ad, for example, can be used to get people interested. They might not be very likely to convert right now, but you have at least made them aware of your brand.


The middle of the funnel is where you have a more targeted audience. This is where you will use email marketing to focus more on what the buyer wants. Establish buyer personas so that you know more about who it is that you're targeting. Once they've received an email, send them to specific pages so that they can find out more about what they want to know.


You, then, have the bottom of the funnel. This is where you have a highly targeted audience that is ready to buy. These may be marketing qualified leads who have followed all of your targeted ads and emails. Then again, it may be a sales qualified lead because of purchasing from you in the past. Either way, you need to show that you have the right product or service to solve their pinpoint. This is where it may take a personal approach to secure the detail.

With full-funnel marketing, you have to realize that there are multiple steps. By focusing on different marketing tools at each step, you have the opportunity to create a unique strategy based on your business and your target audience.

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