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Navigating the Future: AR and XR

In this episode:

Join us on an immersive journey through the realms of Augmented Reality (AR) and Extended Reality (XR) in our latest podcast episode. We’re thrilled to introduce Lori-lee Elliott, Co-Founder of Dauntless XR, as our guide into the tech-driven world of marketing evolution.

Unveiling AR and XR: Delve into the definitions and differences between AR and XR, tracing their evolutionary journey from concept to transformative technology.

Real-World Immersion: Explore the diverse applications of AR and XR across industries like aviation, education, and government, witnessing their profound impact on reshaping entire sectors.

Challenges & Opportunities: Uncover the hurdles faced by AR and XR technologies and discover the opportunities they bring in addressing societal needs and solving real-world problems.

Dauntless XR’s Marketing Alchemy: Gain insights into how Dauntless XR leverages marketing strategies to spread awareness about AR/XR, navigating the crowded tech space while building trust and credibility.

Trends & Projections: Get a sneak peek into the latest trends, key players, and future forecasts in AR and XR development, offering a glimpse into the exciting possibilities ahead.

Engage with Innovation: Tune in to our podcast episode where tech meets marketing, shaking up the landscape with insights, strategies, and forecasts that promise to redefine the future.

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About the guest:

Lori-Lee Elliot, a visionary in the realm of immersive technology, stands as the Co-Founder of Dauntless XR. With an unquenchable thirst for innovation, Lori-Lee is a driving force behind the creation of groundbreaking extended reality software that pushes the boundaries of possibility.

Her journey began with a passion for blending creativity and technology, leading her to co-found Dauntless XR, where she has pioneered the company’s mission to redefine how we interact with reality. Her expertise lies in crafting immersive experiences that transcend the ordinary, transforming industries and empowering individuals through the use of augmented and extended reality.

Show notes

Welcome to the eighth episode of Marketing Mixologists Podcast! We are thrilled to embark on this journey with all of you. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes and inspiring guests.

Episode Title: Navigating the Future: AR and XR
Episode Number: 8
Duration: 34 minutes
Guest Profile:

Lori-Lee Elliot, a tech founder, web3 advisor, futurist, speaker, former journalist, and YouTuber, channels her expertise toward crafting technology that empowers individuals to unleash their full potential and confront challenges unique to human capabilities.

In her role as the co-founder & CEO of Dauntless XR, Lori-Lee spearheads a talented team dedicated to developing and introducing two cutting-edge XR applications, Katana XR and Aura. Her leadership has steered collaborations with esteemed entities such as Magic Leap and Microsoft, catering to a diverse clientele including the US Air Force, Navy, NASA, alongside private aviation and space companies.

Main Topics Covered:
  1. What are AR & XR?
  2. Real World Application
  3. Industry Challenges
  4. How to market AR/XR Products
  5. Current Trends & Future Predictions
Resources Mentioned:
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