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Women in Sales: Motivation and Sales and Marketing Alignment

In this episode:

Dive into our dynamic podcast episode for key insights into sales success! 🎙️ We tackle pivotal topics, from conquering challenges for women in sales to mastering motivation strategies and the vital link between sales and marketing alignment.

Segment 1: “Women in Sales” – Overcome bias, leverage strengths, and thrive.

Segment 2: “Staying Motivated in Sales” – Set goals, stay positive, and celebrate wins.

Segment 3: “Sales and Marketing Alignment” – Foster collaboration for amplified success.

Tune in for wisdom from industry pros, empowering women, and boosting teamwork. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a female force in sales, or all about team synergy, this episode’s a must-listen! 🚀🔥

About the guest:

With a sales career spanning over ten years, Jill Bruno is instrumental in building RocketReach’s inbound-outbound setup, driving the company’s remarkable recent expansion. Jill is also a Tenbound Plus Founding Member, part of an exclusive community fostering mastery in Inbound Methodology, professional growth, and networking for B2B SaaS GTM professionals.

Show notes

Special Note:

Welcome to the first-ever episode of Marketing Mixologists Podcast! We are thrilled to embark on this journey with all of you. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes and inspiring guests.


Episode Title: Women in Sales: Motivation and Sales and Marketing Alignment
Episode Number: 1
Duration: 41 minutes


Guest Profile:

Jill Bruno, Leader, Sales Development at RocketReach.
With a sales career spanning over a decade, Jill has been instrumental in crafting RocketReach’s unique inbound-outbound approach, which has played a pivotal role in the company’s impressive growth journey. Apart from her role at RocketReach, Jill takes pride in being a Tenbound Plus Founding Member. This elite community is designed to empower B2B SaaS GTM professionals with mastery in the Inbound Methodology and to offer avenues for professional growth and networking.


Main Topics Covered:

– The Experience of Women in Sales
– Strategies for Maintaining Motivation in Sales
– Aligning Sales and Marketing for Better Outcomes
– Fun Segment: Favorite Cocktails


Resources Mentioned:

Severance (Apple TV Show)
Le-Mone Aperitif
DuClaw’s Sour Me Unicorn Farts


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