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Marketing automation & CRM management

By leveraging marketing automation coupled with a CRM, businesses can streamline marketing and sales processes, leading to improved revenue generation and enhanced customer relationships. We can help you optimize your marketing strategies, improve customer experiences, and achieve better business outcomes with marketing automation.

Improve marketing & sale effectiveness with the right marketing automation & CRM tools

Streamline sales pipelines
The process of discovering, nurturing, and managing leads—via email, web, social, text, etc.— can eat up countless manual hours. Marketing automation can be the great equalizer for small to mid-sized companies that are spread too thin.
Automate workflows

A marketing automation strategy is designed to follow workflows that systematically find, score, and nurture leads in your CRM to deliver the best prospects on a silver platter. Your team is free to focus their efforts on more important tasks like closing sales and developing long-term business strategies.

Grow business
Here’s a simple truth: Companies that work with a marketing automation agency see more leads and better success. We’ll help enable your sales team with an easy-to-manage CRM process to improve your ability to generate revenue.
Reduce costs
By properly managing your CRM system and adding marketing automation to the process, you can keep the focus on the strongest leads, saving time and money. We’ll help you with the transition and integration parts of the process.
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Increasing efficiency with marketing automation tools

Lead management

Marketing automation systems can generate amazing results when creating and managing leads. We’ll automate lead pulls and oversee your CRM to make the nurturing process simple and automatic, so you only interact with the most interested prospects.

Finding the right automation tools

We’ll take the time to sit down with you and understand your needs, wants, budget, and unique approach to marketing to ensure you utilize the most ideal program. Regardless of the requirements, we’ll make the process of adopting leading software—like HubSpot or ActiveCampaign—straightforward and painless.

Find the Right Automation Tools

"Uncommon has been instrumental in the strategy and execution of Seeq's Partner Marketing program from its inception in 2019. They have helped Seeq build a solid marketing foundation for our partners assisting Seeq in generating 20% of revenue and 50% of its new customers in 2021."

Elise Belcastro
Partner Marketing Manager, Seeq


Automate and enhance your marketing efforts

With our help, take advantage of marketing automation and CRM management tools to build and scale automated marketing and sales campaigns that get measurable results.