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ActiveCampaign marketing automation

Create incredible customer experiences with ActiveCampaign, the tool that combines email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM into one.

Reach & engage

Use detailed, specific targeting to find the right prospects and grow your audience. Then, capture their attention with precise content that aligns with who they are.

Nurture & educate
Grow your relationship with your potential customers by providing ongoing value. Help them learn what you offer to address their needs.
Convert & close
As their connections with you and confidence in you grows, connect your sales team with your audience at the exact time they are ready to take the next step.
Support & grow
Implement a stellar customer experience to the point that your customers are delighted to tell others why they should buy your product or service as well.
Build a professional brand with Uncommon Marketing Works
Core focus

Build a professional brand with ActiveCampaign

Our core focus is to align marketing, sales, and customer success functions to maximize growth opportunities.

This combines data-driven strategies, technology integration, and process optimization to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive sustainable business growth.

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Send relevant content, save time, and sell more.

Marketing efforts don’t have to stop with an email. With ActiveCampaign, beautiful email marketing is only the beginning. Not only are you able to send messages targeted toward each individual contact’s interests, but you can also make every campaign feel personalized with naming tokens. Whether you are using an automatically triggered email workflow or scheduling individual emails, your marketing and sales team can customize your marketing efforts to have full control over results.

ActiveCampaign’s CRM, with both email and sales automation, keeps all of your customer data organized. Manual tasks can eat at your calendar and can sometimes result in a contact slipping out of your funnel. A sales automation CRM keeps the entire process moving smoothly. Notify your sales team at the right time to close the deal and automatically update contact information and create tasks, nurturing the lead in a personalized process. With smart lead scoring technology, you know when to focus and when to wait.

ActiveCampaign solutions with Uncommon Marketing Works

“We were struggling with digital marketing before we met the folks at UMW. While we have great in-house resources, we felt our growth was going to be tied to how fast we could pickup and understand the many layers of digital marketing and the challenges of bringing messaging to our manufacturing customers and prospects. Staci & her team at UMW turned our goals into reality by breaking down our vision into manageable tasks, including everything from drip campaigns to persona design to webinars—and helped us tackle them one at a time, using a combination of our own resources and theirs. They're a tremendous partner and I recommend them to anyone trying to get the most out of their digital presence.”

Victorio Pellicano
CEO, Verenia

Add sales and marketing to your business with ActiveCampaign